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10-09-2012, 10:16 AM
I agree with much of what's been said. Having started with the Romulans as KDF couldn't fight Orion, I've found the Romulans to be among the easiest and that Viral matrix can be largely overcome with the right tactics or abilities. The cloak can actually come to the rescue allowing the team to regroup or force them not to cloak in the first place.

That said I completely agree any of the other races mean that the mission is no win not because of the challenge rating but because of the mechanics.

Some abilities like Tykens are largely unavoidable or if you do manage to save the transport you die then instead through agro then the transport dies a bit later.

Breen have energy drain and snb, Fekiri have every known debuff and the kitchen sink...really when I see these guys I warp out.

Come wave 10 with 60 ships the amount of specials would be overwhelming with 4 elite platforms firing bios as well. If something were done to curb the frequency of these then that would I hope keep nws tough but not nerfed so hard the challenge is lost.

I'm inclined to believe nws is beatable in it's current state I really do. It will involve some precise builds and strategy, a heck of a lot of organisation and teamwork and maybe evne some p2w consoles BUT that's how every mission like nws starts and over time it gets relaxed until a decent premade can make it some/most of the time.

If changes do end up coming in that affect nws so be it but I'll be trying to beat it beforehand.

P.S. Maybe consider looking at the respawn cooldown. It can get a bit out of hand where a player can be out of action for 1-2 minutes and this doesn't reset after so long unlike other missions in STO. Not saying this should be changed but looked at at least. Maybe smaller increases in cooldown or a reset option after x time or x number of waves.

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