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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
8 beams wins. just set your weapons power to 100 and cycle EPtW, there is no weapons power hard cap. energy drain wont be a problem then, and you can focus on using your tactical stations on 1 type of weapon. each tactical power, other then TT, can take advantage of all 8 weapons
I've taken your (and ghosty's) advice with 8 BAs, ty. I also like the idea of focusing my tactical stations on 1 type of weapon. That is ideal and it will also allows me to concentrate on healing/support! I've been running dailies and STFs to get comfortable with this, and in general it's a great set up. However, even with EPtW1, during full broadside I experience occasional dips in power ranging anywhere from 90 (which is ok) down to around 70ish. I don't know the calculations but IIRC somewhere south of 90 one is better off using less weapons to keep the power level high to maximize dps. And without EPtW it's gone down as low as the mid 30s. Only when I use EPS does the power level seem to remain consistently high. Perhaps I should adopt what rudiefix1 suggested and use 2xDBB up front. Please help me understand what am I missing here with all the buzz on 8 BAs?

Edit: it should be noted that the above was done in PvE (pretty obvious), and with power levels in the preset attack mode with Weapons at 100.

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