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10-09-2012, 11:34 AM
This thread title got me pretty excited because I thought the Reman set was getting an update. Sadly, not the case yet.

In another forgotten thread
I made the case that the Reman 3pc is actually useless.

New procs don't refresh the stack, so the maximum number of maintainable stacks is actually 4. More importantly, this means that to get all 5 stacks you have to get it to proc 5 times in 15 seconds, instead of once every 15 seconds to build and maintain the stack.

Now why is the stack life important? Because the stack adds to your maximum shield points, stop, take a breath, yes the design is that stupid, it gives you empty max sp only, raising the ceiling on what you could have if you heal into it. I know it hurts to think that somebody was dumb enough to design something like this. Let's say that against all odds this bad boy procs enough to get 5 stacks, wohooo!, +25% shield capacity, let's throw a heal and have some beefy shields! But wait, the procs wore off because they don't refresh! The beefy shields are gone and even if it procs again a second later it will only give you back the empty raised ceiling on your capacity.

tl;dr Fix Reman.