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10-09-2012, 11:41 AM
The problem isnt that the Aegis set and others are too weak. Its that the STF sets are too good.

In a game where the quality of gear is dependant on how many modifiers it gets on the basic white version, items like the STF gear that have special, not found anywhere else, bonuses are very powerful.

If you try to quantify the bonuses on any given STF shield, MACO for example, its effectivly a Covariant Mk XII shield with 3 cap modifiers, 1 reg modifier, 1 Plasma resist modifier (so thats already 2 levels of quality over every other purple shield in game) then it still gets +10 resists to everything (call that another 1 bonus) and the bonus power settings proc.

So all in all you could call that 7 bonuses. Every non STF purple item in the game has only 3 bonuses.

MACO shield isnt the only one with stuff like this. All STF shields have this problem. Engines and Deflectors tend to follow more closely, getting maybe 4 bonuses.

See the problem isnt the others being underpowered. The problem is STF equipment is unbalanced with the rest of the game. Really the STF shields need their capacity and regen rates nerfed heavily so that there is a real choice when it comes to gear at endgame.