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10-09-2012, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Look at the starship hull repair stat. You will have +10 for each human BOFF that you equip, +20 if you are a human captain.... you know.. the place where you see your skill point results. I think it is under space stats, but am not logged into the game to confirm. If you have 9 points in hull repair, then if you have 3 human BOFFS, it will show as +129 hull repair.

cryptic puts things ALLLLLLLL over the place. Sometimes you get the figures in the space stats window. Sometimes you will see a tooltip popup when you hover over a console with your mouse and see the change.

There is no consistent place to look, so you have to look at all of them.

Well i checked there already it was one first places i looked... I have 2x human boff with skill, and i put 6pt into hull repair which = 84 pts... but even with human crew its still 84 points... repair rate not changed either and they no sub system reapir skill at all on there and they should be 40 pts