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Here's the thing:

All of the sets you listed include some sort offensive-type set bonus. The Aegis is really one of the only in-game sets that includes a ship-wide, self-only set bonus (the 3/3 resistance buff). The entire concept behind Aegis was that it was designed to defend against Borg threats, and even by the name (for those that don't know, Aegis means "shield"), it should carry a defensive bonus of some kind.

With all of that said, I agree, Aegis needs a buff to become more in-line with the existing items sets out there. Right now it's the defensive equivalent of the Borg Retro set (or at least, pretty close), and I would think for the materials/EC required to craft, it should get a boost. Perhaps include the 3/3 set bonus for damage resistance, but also include a chance for a damage buff for self/party, improve the shield stats, include a subtranswarp engine component, etc.

tl;dr - buff Aegis.
There is a power bonus with the set items so you could call it an offensive bonus, as well there's the reactive shielding thats definitely a defensive bonus.

Would I like the set buffed, SURE. Am I dissatisfied with it currently, NO FREEKIN WAY !

On the other hand, the REMAN set is complete garbage at any level.
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