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My understanding is two different weapon energy types and the right kind of guns, aka pulsewaves / sniper rifles / other "single shot high damage" weapons. If I count / read right, the borg typically (+90% of the time) adapt within 9 "hits" from your weapon. If you're crazy enough to use miniguns (4 hits per "pull") or full auto rifles (3 hits per "pull") the 18 hits can come in as little as 6 pulls of the trigger (fire*3 - fire*3 - fire*3 - swap - fire*3 - fire *3 - fire *3), which is a lot shorter than 10 seconds...
It is true that using rapidfire guns is the worst case scenario when handling Borg. High DPV (damage per volley) weapons like a sniper rifle or pulsewave can usually kill them in 1-3 shots total. Keep in mind you can always melee them to expose the target and/or buy time. Anyone with a melee weapon (batleth, lirpa, etc.) can use that ad nauseum without a remodulator as well.

Unfortunately the people who need to know this the most are usually the ones who visit the forums the least.
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