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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
it was pretty short you guys wont need long to listen to it.

love the idea with the klingon pvp determine who controls the empire thing, please do something like this!
Reminds me of a censored name of a game that begins with an a and ends with an n that depending on your amount of pvp points which also can be earned slower with pve that whoever has the most is the leader of the faction. Pretty sure if pvp goes anywhere in this game it will have something like this. I haven't listened to it but it sound exactly like that. Although that game has gear you can spend those points on for % pvp defense and pvp % damage increases which I don't know if they are willing to put that kinda gear in this game or not.

Edit: yeah it was short I listened to it... half an hour isn't bad its just when I see some that go on for about 2+ hours is what gets me LOL. The only problems I see with them doing what I would call sub factions for pvp purposes and maybe pve too a lesser extent is there are a few problems I see with them making a system like that. Going true to Klingon Lore and combination with the different races with STO's KDF is the problem of the many different sub factions to join vs the population of the KDF. Pretty much you might end up with just a few people per house/faction. Another thing is it would have to fit into what are you getting to control, having another currency, what will the cause and effect be because you would have to be rewarded in some manner to do what is being proposed. On top of that some devs stated they didn't want to go into special pvp gear so the above mentioned more than likely isn't going to happen but also removes or limits aspects on how a pvp system for the Klingon Empire could be achieved.

However I do think it would be a great start to improving pvp but one thing I know they do have tech for with this just to start it out even if it feels like nothing to begin with and would help out people who do not want to join a fleet or get into donating their resources heavily is taking that starbase progression system and making several sub factions to join where for example people who join instead of it being resources have it being like for example:

Tier 1 base for the House of Martok:

10 kills in Kerrat, 10 kills in a PvP arena match ground/space, 10 wins in capture and hold

25 Cruisers Destroyed, 25 Escorts, 25 Science ships (either faction destroyed)

Something like that to start and in the bases for your pvp faction and have slightly different things for/from pvp than the starbases get that could help along the way and make it more fun is a great start and most of the tech is already in the game from the starbase progression system. Possibly as well with my example theres no resources required so its mostly just the fun of pvp itself so no one would have to donate anything unless they wanted to put dilithium in as a possible source for people who like or love pvp to help support the growth of it.

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