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I think there either has to be some mistakes in that blog or there are somethings we have not yet been told. As such I have two questions based on the following observations from the blog that I feel need to be answered:

1) It's saying that both ships have only +5 power to their subsystems that can be toggled from a default +5 to Aux into a +5 into Weapons. I know there is also a +30 to a skill but there is no way that can compare to missing out on 10 power to a subsystem (as these aren't cruisers I doubt they get the +20 a cruiser gets and instead the normal +15). Given that consoles go up to +30 for a skill now while the engineering consoles can give at most ~5 to a subsystem power there is no way they can honestly claim that +30 to a skill makes up for the loss of 10 power to subsystems. I could understand, but disagree with, a difference of 5, but not 10, given how consoles are currently balanced. These ships seems intentionally underpowered compared to lockbox and other endgame (i.e. fleet) ships. If that is the case thank you for the free ship slot, but these ships will not be used for anything serious, which is sad since I think both ships look nice and the unique abilities for them are nice, but they seem intentionally handicapped vs other endgame ships.

So first question: Are the +5 power levels typos and actually meant to be +15 or is there another subsystem power bonus that was omitted from the article for both ships?

2) The 9 console I can unfortunately understand since I fully expect them to want us to have to buy a fleet version of the ship to get the fleet bonuses, but will that version cost 4 modules or 1? (Hopefully only one, although honestly I think having to deal with a fleet version is a bad idea but it appears that is what they are doing.) If I am mistaken and they aren't going to crank out a fleet version, then they need to at least hand out the 10th console slot and make sure the hull and shield values are matched towards fleet ships and lockbox ships. From what little I have seen this looks like it may be what they are doing as there are only 9 console slots and with the relative base hull value and shield mod value but this feels like a cash grab attempt from people that have already been paying to play the game for 1000 days, which seems a bit rude (to put it politely) to say 'here is a reward, but you have to pay us more if you want to use it to its full potential.

And the second question: Are we going to be expected to have to buy a fleet version to have a ship that rivals the fleet ships and lockbox ships?