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Originally Posted by ccarmichael07 View Post
I'm curious if players have any interest in seeing some Mid-Size hybrid style ships at max level? I know I would like to see some.

If you think about it, we seem to be severely lacking in these options, and the options we do have, are all very specialized or unique looking, which not everyone appreciates those heavily unique looks.

Let's consider modern Naval Vessels for a moment.

Aircraft Carrier (CV)
Battleship (BB)
Submarine (SS*N)
Heavy Cruisers-Missle Cruisers (CA)
Light Cruisers (CL)
Destroyers (DD)

If we were to lump STO's Admiral Level (Rear-Vice) vessels into categories as listed above, in terms of size classifications, it might be as follows:

Carrier: Atrox
Battleship: Odyssey, Sovereign*, Galaxy*, Nebula
Submarine: Luna, Prometheus, Excelsior
Heavy Cruisers: None
Light Cruisers: Armitage, Intrepid*
Destroyers: Defiant*, Blockade Escort

* = Includes all variations thereof

So what's the point? The point is, we don't have many choices in the Mid-Size vessels, and in the Mid-Small size vessels, we don't have much variation. In the step up from Mid-Size, all the ships have very distinguished looks, that if you aren't a fan of those particular ships, you're kinda out of luck.

In the Battleship size category, we have all kinds of choices. Sovies, Galaxies, the new Oddy, plus the several distinct looks that can be achieved via Cryptic's own designs for 2409.

In the Submarine size category, you have 3 ships. One has a funky sensor dome, and nacelles that hang underneath it like legs on a duck (Luna), you have a 4 nacelle ship (Prometheus) and you have an antique (Exclesior).

Getting into the Light Cruisers, if you weren't a fan of Voyager, and not a fan of that single scene in First Contact where you see the Akira, you are really out of luck.

And for the Destroyers, you get Jet aircraft looking ships, or cheeseboxes (Defiant).

Can we start getting some new designs and new visual options, in the Mid-Size category? You know, I like the looks of the Sovereign ok, but I don't want the size of a Sovereign. Is it simply not possible to create a ship, which is about the size of a Prometheus or an Intrepid, but having a similar, but unique style to that of a Sovereign?

What I'm getting at is while I understand people want their canon, seen on the TV screen for 4.21568 seconds in Episode 24, Season 3 of <insert Trek Show here>, is it possible to get back to the whole "It's 2409, this is the future of Star Trek" concept, and get some entirely new designs? Like you did with the Star Cruisers and such at launch?

Let's get some variation and some choices at the upper levels! More mid-size ships, in a variety of styles and builds.

This is something I might like to fly:

Mid Size Border Patrol Cruiser

Length: 415 Meters (same as Prometheus)

Configuration: Vanguard Saucer, scaled down by 50-75%, with an honest to God neck section, like the Excelsior, but not as upright, and 2 swept-back nacelles, like a Sovereign, blended together in a whole new 2409 style.

Hull: 32000

Turn Rate: 11 deg/sec

Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft

Consoles: 3 Eng, 2 Sci, 4 Tac

Bridge Officers:

Cmdr Tac
Lt Cmdr Eng
Lt Tac
Lt Eng
Ens Sci

What makes this ship unique? First of all, it has the style of a cruiser, with 2 nacelles instead of 4 like the Prometheus, without the size and the mass of a Sovereign or Galaxy. You can actually turn this boat, giving you some tactical options. But, if you look at the Hull, while you might be a bit stronger than an Escort or a Science Vessel, you aren't as strong as a battleship, so you need to be cautious. Also, you need to pick your science ability carefully, because you only get one.

Think of this as kind of a "Light Beam Boat" with enough turn rate that you could make use of some dual beam banks for your approach shot before going into your circle formation of broadsides. You get a little bit of the benefit of escorts (reduced turn rate) at the sacrafice of reduced hull, without having to fly a science ship.

I think of this as the kind of ship Starfleet might put out on the border, while the big ships are off fighting the war. It's tough, it can fight, it's just not as big as the capital ships.

Alternatively, you could open up the potential for some other hybrid crossovers. Mid size ships with a Sci/Tac focus, smaller Frigate sized Science ships with a Sci/Eng focus, etc. Lots of possibilities. Heck, alot of people have been wanting a T5 Miranda. Why not build a brand new 2409 type Miranda, in about the size of the Cheyenne class, to be the succsessor to the Miranda, with an Eng/Sci focus?

Plus, if this ship was given a whole new, never before seen look, you could have a launch event surrounding it, just like we had for the Odyssey, which means we could revisit Utopia Planitia.

This is the idea. New ships, new specs, in varying sizes. Let's have some choices Cryptic!
First off, the Excelsior is a Heavy Cruiser (not a submarine, how do you get any non cloaker as a sub?)

And most of the stats you suggested for your new design parallel the Armitage class.