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10-09-2012, 12:11 PM
That list is.... FRICKIN AWESOME! You rock for posting the link!

Based on that amazing info, I'm confident I don't need Graviton points for my GW3 build. It does increaes radius from 3km to 3.75km, but IMO that's just the "suck you in" range and not anything to do with damage.

Coupled with a couple purple doffs I was often (well, "often enough") spitting out 2 or 3 gravs with either GW3 or TR1 whenever I fired, so they'd get sucked in to one or the other.

I just wish they would swap the trainable skill to be tied to PARTICLE generators instead of GRAVITON, because it has almost nothing to do with that skill. I really would love to train GW3 on any new boff I get, rather than having to ask around for some kind stranger to help.