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10-09-2012, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by kobayashlmaru View Post
Raising the cap is a method Cryptic can use to lower the dilithium exchange rate. Seeing as the price right now is fairly low, I don't see them doing this until they find the magic item that makes C-points valuable again.
I think, general, they want to devalue dilithium but only as its buying power per Cryptic point elevates so they'd need extra dil sinks.

In other words, it's good for Cryptic if the conversion is 25 dil per Zen, without sacrificing volume of transactions. The trick is that they can't or shouldn't fix it because the goal should be to honestly drive the market there by ramping up enthusiasm and demand via effective Zen and dilithium sinks. 25 dil per Zen should be the goal but the invisible hand needs to be what takes us there. It will if Cryptic maximizes their revenues on both sides while creating compelling gameplay.

Effectively, the more Zen buying power dilithium has, the more that's a vote of confidence in the value of gameplay, provided that Zen revenue is steady.

Zen being able to buy a lot of dilithium coupled with less steady revenues is, over the long run, a market vote of no confidence in the value of gameplay.

Steady revenues without a lot of Zen buying power per dilithium indicates players would rather pay than play and that gameplay is in a bad state compared to purchased status.

Unsteady revenues with a lot of Zen buying power per dilithium is indicative of a divided userbase. It means you have a market of people more interested in paying than playing but they value the game less than the people who are actively playing it.