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10-09-2012, 12:34 PM
Cryptic, while the new ships look very interesting and may even be a plausible replacement for my old faithful Advanced Escort, I'm afraid that when it comes to this strategy, I have to disagree in the strongest possible manner, and I shall explain why.

To put it simply, the Vet rewards are powerful messages showcasing our commitment to the game, to reach 1000 days is a feat unto itself, and adding a ship for that milestone makes it a highly prized vessel with a huge amount of respect behind it. In adding this and every other vet reward to anyone who gets a lifetime subscription, no matter how many days (or lack thereof, as the case is) they have subscribed, you do two detrimental things to your game.

Firstly, you de-value all of the vet rewards, making them less desireable and less of an incentive to keep playing. This will impact the staying power of your game if someone can pay money to skip the queue.

Secondly, you alienate your subscribers, which will represent a substantial amount (if not the rampant majority) of your playerbase. I would feel entirely invalidated as a consumer if everything I stayed for (especialy during those times I felt as though I should just leave, of which there have been many) was suddenly at the fingertips of anyone with a sack of money to dump at your feet. Taking what I worked to get and then just giving it to the richer guy makes me feel like a second-class consumer, and I can guarantee I will not be the only one.

Besides, my subscription now equals to more than a lifetime subscription in the long run, so in technical terms, you are giving the easy route to the guy who is going to pay less.

Again Cryptic, I implore you to turn this around, the staying power of your game -WILL- be affected, possibly permanently, and some of your recent decisions have already been met with widespread criticism, you cannot afford to keep making bad decisions.