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10-09-2012, 12:34 PM
TBH torps are in the situatuion they are for a few reasons.

1. Escorts cna use cannons which are anti-everything. This combined with skill point and boff powers means that unless you put some skill points into kenetics and shove some BOFF powers over to torps you will never see better damage from them than cannons, (PvP probably still gets use from them for the burst aspect though).

2. Cruisers who have the bst weapon type for working alongside them, (Bams), can't really turn tight enough to make effective use of them.

3. Sci ships are the only ones likliy to be fast turning enough and low enough on weapons power to use them, (i run all torps bar a DBB up front for my target power on my DSSV). But even thats not universal.

IMHo torps would see about 5X more use if you swapped cannons and beams round modifiers wise, and re-worked how boff powers work. Suddenlly against hulls, even without skill points torps would be superious to cannons. Plus if you re-worked CRF/CSV to provide torps with the same capabilities as High Yeild/Spread at the same time, (and same deal for BO/BFAW respectivlly), you'd see them used a HELL of a lot more IMHO. Of course the spread/high yeild functionality would need a tweak for balance purposes if it was an "every shot for 10 seconds" deal. But thats ok in my book.