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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
In the "classic forum vein":

What you're asking for kinda sounds like the Klingon Cruisers, more maneuverable less hull. Guess where you should start spending your time... Heck, you can even put DHCs on the Klingon cruisers instead of being limited to DBBs...

Personally, I'm not up for these ships. Escort weapons on an escort/cruiser hull with cruiser BOffs/consoles almost screams "pick the best of everything for my personal OP ship". Did I miss the part where you asked for the science ship's shield modifiers in there?

If we were to do "mid sized" ships (almost sounds like a Chevy Malibu in here), I'd be inclined to take a science ship, trade the shield modifier in for more hull, trade the integrated subsystem targetting out in favor of a 4th forward weapons emplacement (yeah, it's escort-level, but I don't necessarily want cruiser-level), and go from there...
Escort Weapons on an Escort/Cruiser hull? Did I mention cannons, dual cannons or DHC in my specifications? I'm pretty sure I only mentioned Dual Beam Banks.

As for "personal OP ship" this particular spec is not OP. The hull is 2,000 HP higher than a VA Escort, and 7,000 LESS than a VA cruiser. Meanwhile, the turn rate, while higher than current cruisers, is still less than both escorts and science vessels, with a loss of 2-4 deg/sec. This ship is hardly OP. Additionally, you gain a foreward weapon slot (over science vessels) but lose an aft slot (under cruisers).

The only thing which might be a tad OP is the console layout. However, you notice that it has 3 Engineering consoles rather than 4. This is a big hit to survivability, therefore the 4 Tac consoles can be justified to compensate.

Essentially, this ship is a "light cruiser" for VA level. It has SOME survivability, though not much more than an escort, and it gains some manueverability, but at the sacrafice of Utility (Science) and Tankability (Full Cruiser). Additionally, because you don't have the cannons, you aren't pulling the alpha strikes of Escorts.

Seems like a pretty balanced build to me.

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