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10-09-2012, 01:00 PM
It's not often that I voice my displeasure in relation to the game, but on this occasion, I feel compelled to.

The veteran reward program was supposed to be a way to give something back to the customers who have been loyal to the game, through good times and bad... and we all know that many if the vets stuck around through a lot of the game's more difficult periods.

Instead, the appreciation reward has turned into a very expensive ship. Considering that the lockboxes have demonstrated that people will throw down hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the chance of winning the latest and greatest ship to come out, you can bank on people throwing down a few hundred bucks for the guarantee of getting this one.

From a business and marketing perspective, this makes a lot of sense. The money is going to be flowing in hand over fist, but my feeling is that it's a really disrespectful decision. Of course, money making and ethics rarely go hand in hand, but I can't help but be disappointed all the same.

I don't hit my 1000 days for several months yet, and in a way, I'm thrilled that I'll get the new ship quickly... on the other and more legitimate side... I don't feel that this is right.

Surely the game is doing well enough that the studio wouldn't have to resort to this sort of tactic? I'm genuinely disappointed... and on the heels of such an awesome announcement of appreciation for the veteran players, that had the entire community happy.