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You don't need to be a furry to appreciate good Sci-Fi, and the Ferasan and Caitian
are based of the Kzinti (both offshoots of that race actually), from Larry Niven's wonderful short story, The Warriors, a Kzin plays a major role in Ringworld largely thought to be a base conceptual idea behind another famous video game, called Halo.

Kzinti are a part of our Sci-Fi heritage, and made part of the Canon to Star Trek when Larry Niven wrote for the Star Trek Animated Series. Since then a few things have cropped up for the Kzinti in Star Trek's universe but the major info is from Star Trek Online. They are also seen in Star Trek IV the voyage home, as Caitian

Kzinti split into two races, the genetically enhanced Ferasan who took over the home world, and the Caitian who remained as close to Kzin as possible but moved offworld, becoming genetically diverse from Ferasans, and given they're new worlds lower gravity, physically weaker in some respects.

Both species still have the occasional throwback born, who is for all intents Kzin, males tend to be psionically gifted, and physically strong but prone to mood swings, females tend to be physically smaller, however they are the leaders in Kzin society for both the Caitian and Ferasan races.


Now, you have been slightly educated as all Star Fleet personnel should be on the intricacies of a valued ally. I do hope we can put these "Furry" slurs to the wayside.