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10-09-2012, 01:24 PM
Let me just add, I don't see why I should believe that the minimum Dilithium return on Zen should be considered a barometer of a healthy game.

25 Dil per Zen is the minimum where 500 Dil per Zen is the maximum, and either extreme should rather indicate that the game economy is seriously out-of-whack.

Doesn't that kind of exchange rate really only benefit those people who can devote hours to grinding the game and don't want to pay?

Do we really expect players to be able to claim 320 "Free" Zen per day? Over 9000 Zen per month? That's what the math works out to. Are people really pumping that much Zen into the Exchange every day?

I'm not advocating P2W here. I would just like to see some equity for casual players like me who have limited time and pay out the equivalent of a monthly sub every month.

I simply have this odd notion that my cash ought to have more buying power.
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