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Originally Posted by dirlettia View Post
Thank you for doing this. As a 600 day subscriber I missed many of the perks which the current people approaching 1000 days got and so at least now we are on a level playing field.

For those interested in what us newer litetimes missed out on, I refer to the abolishing of the old currencies and the transfer to dilithium at F2P. The old lifers previously got a nice quantity of emblems for free at 500 days and they got transferred into dilithium. If they had got too many emblems though, including their free 250 per character they were awarded a free Veteran Boff which nobody else could or can ever get any more.

Do not be thinking they are losing unique stuff remember they have had access to stuff the rest of us can only dream about.
Those that got too many badges got less dilithium per badge so many started to spend their badges before the conversion (including myself) only to be told a week later that those that end up with more than 100k dilithium would get access to the special veteran BOFF.

Have a guess how many missed that special reward (in reality it was a compensation) because they announced the diminished return of dilithium one week before they announced the BOFF?

Do you think we got access to that DOFF even after multiple complaints on how the news was given to us? Nope, not even a single reply.

And now this? I have waited 1000 days (almost 3 years) for this so called "veteran" reward and now all the sudden someone that starts the game tomorrow can get the LTS and become a 1000 day veteran without even knowing what a hypospray is or how to move their characters.

Until now other players could look at my ship or character and see that I have been with the game for a long time, now I will just be one of the new guys that has thrown in lots of money to get the shinnies and don't have a clue what they are doing.

What is next? Include playable liberated Borg captain as a regular Gold member subscription so that everyone that pays 15$ gets permanent access to them?
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