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Just for the sake of not typing out what I've already said on the subject:

Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
The funny thing is how history repeats itself. I remember when CoH did something similar when they went F2P. If you bought enough Paragon Points, you could go right up the rewards ranks to get the same stuff subscribers who'd been playing for years earned through the (former) Vet Rewards program.

So I'll just say now what I said a few years ago on that other game: if two player spend the same amount of cash, one over time and another up-front, haven't they both equally contributed to the welfare of the game? If so, what is the difference? If you decide to go all-in with a LT sub now, and I decided to do it years ago, haven't we both put in the same monetary investment to the game?

Pay to earn? Why not? Look over at the C-Store and tell me it's not the same thing. You invest in the game (you keep the devs paid), you earn things.

If you're using the LT Sub perks as a gauge to tell vets from newbs, ur doin it wrong anyhow. What's an experienced newb compared to a veteran? What's a vet who acts like a jerk compared to a newb?

So tell me what the problem really is.
Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
(...) what does it matter if someone forks out loads of money (for sub time or a LT sub) and then waits 1000 days, or someone forks out loads of money and waits 1 day? Either way, isn't someone forking out loads of money? x=x for some x in the realm or real numbers, right?
I've been here since almost Day 1, and I have to say: I don't care if you bought into a LT Sub 3 years ago or 3 days ago. You support the game in one of the most severe ways. Congratulations!

As for the players who feel like they have lost something simply because other players who decided to take the LT Sub leap later or just discovered the game no get rewarded up-front for doubling-down, their opinion to me is irrelevant.

I don't care how long you've been playing. I only care about how you play.
And remember to follow the rules.

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