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Originally Posted by capcush View Post
This whole complaining about the price is just silly to me i bought it when it was $299.99 and am just fine with the price they have here because i enjoy the things i can get as a Life timer but hearing people complain about the price is almost as silly as complaing about gas prices going up
it's not the price thats the issue. altho some do make a valid point that other games with lifer start at $200 anyway not 300. so offer 100 off is actually the common price for other games. so in lifer game land that not actually that great a deal when comparing to others. thats what some people are saying with price.

the real issue is time severed as a veteran. the best example is the long awaited 1k veteran reward is now a 1 day veteran. i doubt you'll find many 1k veterans complain about the money sale on a life time sub. giving away all the rewards earned for time severed is the issue. i'm baffled as to any one gave this the go ahead. dose money really mean more to you than loyalty. seems this game is loosing morale fibre fast....

btw if any reads this when are you going to help make players aware of helplines and such for those with gambling issues?? kids also play this game and they along with adults are constantly exposed to gambling on lockboxes. some times people are weak to the temptation and when it happens they need help badly as it can ruin lives.