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10-09-2012, 04:53 PM
I've made two, although some of my other missions are almost non-combat. There is one ship to fight in Vulcan Love Slave #9, and most of relics is dialogue.

I gotta say. They are not easy to do. I get frustrating working with branching dialogue. I pretty much have to work solely in word for a few weeks before I really get into the Foundry.

The hardest part for me is doing a non-combat mission with a lot of go here, push that, go there push this. go there scan, go there scan, etc. etc.

It's a lot intense writing work, and sometimes I'd rather just build and build a set and put some enemies down.

But, at least with a non-combat mission, you know how a player will experience the mission. With a combat mission, you have to come to terms with how untestable the monster really is.

It's probably b/c there are so few that mine are well-received. The most common reviews say a. "It's feels like Trek." and b. "I really enjoyed the change of pace here."