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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
lol why bother with any 9 console ships anymore, not impressed. I won't bother with Vesta either if it is 9 console, now way it can be better then my Fleet Recon Science ship. Fleet Nova or Fleet Intrepid probably are better too.
this is why +1, 10 console and fleet ships are poison in this game, it really is a new tier as far as players are concerned, there is no interest in takeing a step back to 9 console ships, or ships without 10% better shield mods and the like. i wonder how many sales they lost on the regent by releasing just a lame 9 console version, with stats otherwise the same as the normal AC.

Originally Posted by Jeremy Randall ‏@BorticusCryptic (twitter)

Still amazed at the level of RAGE that can be induced by giving free things away. In a game that can be completely free, I might add.
theres no rage from me, just saying i told you so basically. we told you cryptic, power creep is bad, and you act surprised when we arent satisfied with anything released that is sub fleet ship now? and no, these ships certainly weren't free, i just payed for them almost 3 years ago. the game can be played free for a more limited, grind filled experience, but in no way shape or form can this ship be gotten for free. just sayin.

i will certainly enjoy using it on my fed tac, but it will be quite hard to give up ether my fleet ktinga or fleet vorcha to use the kdf vet ship, i have both setup so exactly how i want and they are just so good at what they do. but adding in battlecloak, the #swag factor alone is great, even if its likly to get me killed if im not careful

Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Hmmm not sure why no one is tweeking on it... but the klink ship special junk good or not.. .is a freaking raptor with a battle cloak. lol sweet
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