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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Ok, how about this. Obviously based on the OP's suggestion, so I won't take credit for it.

make it a flexible contribution system.

Design every project with a minimum number (under budget) of contributions to get them started but allow for over budgeting as well with a golden fleet size efficiency medium .

If you have a medium sized fleet you can over budget your contributions, meaning you put more than the minimum requirements in to shorten the time it needs to finish.

So a small fleet could just add the minimum contributions if they like and still get it started but it will take significantly longer to finish, so there is still a long time to wait before you get anywhere near a T5 station, but it is at least possible because you need significantly fewer resources (and can grind more resources for next time while you wait for your project to finish).

A very very large fleet can maximize the contributions and reduce the time needed to a bare minimum (within half a year from start to finish).

The XP from the project stays the same.

There should be exceptions like the special vanity projects. They are expensive, but I don't see any way of reducing the costs without leading to an exploit for larger fleets.
Maybe at least have the special project reward something other than fleet credits to reward bigger contributors (fleet sponsor credits?). Maybe a special vanity store on the base where you can use fleet sponsor credits on small unique vanity items.
I think that might be too complicated... and it would tip the balance to big fleets even more...