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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
-=-atlas deck 13-=-
perhaps recess the round blue things more?

CSS: I'd add another option along the lines of "so that's what that was"

-=-one of the later maps-=-
we are now clear of the asteroid belt, engage warp engines! *ship turns to jump to warp THROUGH the asteroids* not a bug, but lol worthy.

I actually didN'T fight the Hercules officers at all. I clicked through the dialogue until it was resolved but there was no combat.
Thanks for the suggestions. If you mean the blue things in the transporter pad, unfortunately I can't recess them any further or the platform underneath starts to come through. I actually tried to lower them before.

I'll see about adding another response about the C3SS.

Yeah, that later map where you warp back through the asteroid field is really annoying. There was some change that caused it to happen, and I don't know of any way to fix it.

You can talk your way out of that fight, so that's probably why it didn't happen.

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