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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
So when quite a few of the bases reach Tier 5 and the rest have long since ground to a halt Cryptic should just sell them in the C-store.

They could be sold modular - so piece by piece for each or the tiers sections for people who don't have all the money up front or you could by a whole tier for a discounted price.

Would certainly help out a lot of people who are not in big fleets or just don't have the time to grind and Cryptic will continue to make money on them. Because at this point they are certainly slowing down.

Now don't come on here and flame me saying Cryptic would never do this - you know they could.

It would certainly make a lot of the gated content easier to get.

And the money could go to long-term game improvements.

Win-Win situation.
Pretty sure they will do something to slap people in the face that have put up with the grind and long wait to reach the top. They did it to the 1000 day vets.
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