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10-09-2012, 06:39 PM
I got an LTS at the end of Open Beta and am presently just under 2 weeks from my 1000 days... and for me this does feel like a bit of a downer.

I was looking forward to my 1000 day ship... feeling as though I'd earnt it by waiting my 1000 days for it. Having these rewards helped keep me playing the game as I knew every 100 days I had some new "shiny" coming to play with... it was something I looked forward to as much as FE's and the like... and it kept me logging in each week/month. (And yes - most of the rewards aren't that much... but its still nice to have something to look forward!)

Now... it looks like we're just giving everyone everything as quick as we can... levelling is now super-quick... LTS perks are given out regardless of time played... there's just less and less incentive to keep with the title!

At the end of the day this doesn't really effect me that much... I still get my ship (2 weeks early)... but this has me more concerned about the longevity of this title and the incentive people have to stick around.