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Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
Hmm... I quite like the idea of them selling something like the small 'Regula 1' style station as a 'personal starbase' complete with an interior, from which you could manage all DOFF missions and launch your own shuttles from to do personal missions of your own.

If you could customise the interior through 'special projects', and it orbited a planet which came with its own 'daily missions' it would be like a mini version of the DS9 show, and add a different flavour to the game.

As the special projects develop, it could unlock new missions. If it had it a story (ie, your faction have placed the facility in orbit to help the people of the planet), it could work on a similar prinicple to how I expect the 'reputation system' to work. Exept the reputation you are building is with the people on the planet below.

I could be both a starship captain, and commander of a federation facility assisting a needy planet.
that would also be a very cool addition