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10-09-2012, 07:20 PM
Originally Posted by feargan View Post
Because it's a VETERAN rewards program, that's why! We're the ones that have loyally supported the game from the beginning. Why should someone who hasn't been in the game for 1000 days get the 1000 day veteran title? This is really a kick in the junk to all the STO loyalists.

If people really truly loyally support the game then they should be pleased at anything that will add to the success of the game and to its longevity. If this incentive encourages more people the buy life time subscriptions then GREAT!!! I have 2 LTS around the 740 day range. One could say, "why am i still waiting for things i paid for 2 yeas ago?" It is a valid point of view also.
Rather than be concerned about trivialities like jumping monkey pets, titles and most of the junk that comes with the veteran rewards programs, why dont they give gold plays a discount to go LTS or better yet stop charging the monthly gold players as soon as they have contributed the cost of LTS. That to me would be something of value and a deserving reward for people that have paid for gold.

As for how long have we played bragging rights, there likely should be something done for such people that care about those things. Maybe a different colour for forums and/or bigger fonts, medals the can be pinned to the uniform and can be read in player bios when other players check you out, unique titles "Beta Boys or Babes", bumper stickers for your ships, "Ive been playing since the big beta bang and all i got was this stinking shuttle" etc... Im just gently teasing because i think the original players deserve respect and credit for playing amidst the beta bugs.
Perhaps the powers that be should look at these things when they come up with rewards.

1. How long you have played
2. How long/much you have paid
3. How actively have you played