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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
You guys are so funny ... well not buts lets start to debunk things.

1) TIME!

Until early this year you Subscribers were paying for ONE thing, THE ABILITY TO PLAY THE GAME!!!

This IS what the subscription model happen to be and now for ...

2) Veterans Rewards.

The PURPOSE of Veteran Rewards is to keep subscribers paying every month and no I mean PAYING, not PLAYING because the system does not track days online and only subscription time.

With F2P it seems you people got COLLECTIVE AMNESIA and forgot that WAS the purpose of Veterans Rewards and now it was a "perk" of being Gold, never mind there was no Gold members prior to the F2P model and so it was never a "perk".


Now Lifetime Membership is kind of a problem, prior to F2P it was "give us a lot of crash and never pay us again" to play the game and they got a few perks along with it, with F2P model that ceased to exist so it was paying to play a Liberated Borg and getting the Veteran Rewards perk.

So it was pointless, everyone that had the cash and the desire became a Lifetime Member long before the F2P model, the ones that did not AND were subscribers were pretty much being asked to sink $299 (Currently $199) so they could play a Liberated Borg.

Now the new Free to Play members looked at it and did the same as the ones that had cash and the desire back in the subscription days, the ones that had the cash and the desire became Lifetime Members and the rest did not ... but reason why they did not was because they would have to be ... oh, almost 3 YEARS before they could get the Veteran Rewards.

In conclusion.

This is not about time spend in the game, this is about trying to sell Lifetime Membership that is increasingly harder because the pre-F2P players already brought it and the ones that did not are highly unlikely to buy it and the F2P era new players either brought Lifetime Membership and the ones that did not are even more unlikely to buy it that "Gold Members".

Oh I am not going to get it, I do say at least its a sales pitch that makes me consider it as before it was something I ruled out ... I do wish they also reward players by play time and also by money spend, to be fair ... unlike the current segregation system of Silver/Gold.

I just read this, it is a great post and agree very much with what you say. i started playing about two years ago. i upgraded to LTS a week or two into the game and would have got it from the get go had i known you could. I then bought a second account and went LTS right away. Why? Because i knew that it would be cheaper in the long term. The longer i played the less it cost me each month; at least under the old system. I dont regret FTP as my investment in the game would be pointless if the game was shut down. The same goes for the beta players, what would be the point of boasting about playing a game early that no longer exists??? Any new blood and cash injected in STO protects all the investments we have made with money and time into our game...
Anyway, people read this fellows post 2 or 3 times, he is bang on!!!