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10-09-2012, 07:48 PM
Wow not only do the boff changes piss me off, but the fact that theres no mention of fixing the ship tailor just kicks the irritation up another notch or two. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone has the balls to stand up to whomever it is that keeps making the cruiser screwing decisions and tell them "no". Sure I have not been entirely supportive of you Dev folks, but I can understnad you have a lot on your plate. For that I do owe you an apology; however, my engi's are starting to take an automatic ankle grabbing bent over position every time someone asks "rdy to queue?". Please, it's time to figure out that there's more to this game than escorts. Yes, I use escorts on my tac and sci ships on my sci, escorts on my engi and sci also, but anti-cruiser vibe that many of us are catching is nothing short of sickening.