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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Why is it not a good idea? It is exactly like the LTS situation - after a certain period when many fleets reach tier 5 and most others have ground to a halt - what will be the down-side of selling the componets in the C-store?

Will those that put all the work into the bases dump them and quit the game in protest? I doubt it. Just like the upset LTS - what are they going to do - cancel their LTS? no

But in the Case of the Starbase there is even less they can do about Cryptic selling them as modules - they can stomp their feet and cry - but they won't abandon the base they built up.

So are you saying Cryptic can't do this because it's a so-called "mechanic"?
levi, it is a terrible idea.. however i do have a compramise..

first it is a terrible idea because fleets like mine have been grinding "working" and going nuts trying to get it done. this is not the same as the lts since it is only a status (and has almost no forebearence on actual ingame play impact). its not like anyone who subs for a month is going to get it. only lifetimers who would hit it garunteed...
fleet starbase progression was added to add more "mmo" quality to the game. it wasnt designed for one person to have it. if you dont want to play with others in an mmo, then you dont get all the benefits. (ie, you dont get through stf's, fleet actions, and fleet alerts). it is the player making the choice, they know the cost of not doing something, and still make the choice. i have a saying for this "act like a bi**h get slapped like a Bi**c..
i personally dont think that they will ever make it possible for someone to buy a fully leveled starbase.

however, my idea that wouldnt upset me or other mmo friendly players would be a zen store kickstart to a new fleet, which would be once the starbase system has been live for a year or so, a player would be able to purchase a jumpstart package for his/her fleet. meaning that if the current average fleet level is five, you could start with a t3, and only have the two levels to climb. that would be cool i think.