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Originally Posted by jtmarsh View Post
Well since the first post seemed to close to the rest that is was moved or absorbed I'll try a different topic. What do I get? Since lifers no matter what day they joined get the ship. Since F2p and new people can get the ship & title Wednesday as long as they pay life. What do I get?? I have been on since a week before launch. I have paid 6 month sub since the launch. What do I get Wednesday? Because I don?t get the ship for like 10 days or so. What do I and people like me that has paid more than life and been on for almost 3 years get on Wednesday? If this is flaming then Im sorry.. You want to toss this then so be it ill create another way to ask. Boot me from the forums so be it. People know me on this game. People know im a nice guy but this is wrong! A slap to long term gold members. A slap to day one life members. But this is about gold. Not the ship. I want something. I cant be the only Gold member still playing/paying since launch.

Know what I want? I want to quit paying 6 month sub... Well I plan to do that but for Gold people that has paid & played for 1000 days I want my 400 points a month but I no longer want to pay my sub to get it. So I want life!!! I know lifers wont like it but I think fair is out of the window. I have paid/played for almost 1000 days and I think anyone who has paid for 1000 days should get that "reward" What about 1000 day lifers? Give them a new badge. What I am trying to say is give SOMETHING to who have been here for a 1000days of paying. Something fraking that shows you all still give a crap about us.
basically, your saying you p[aid more than a lifer because you never got a lifetime sub.. hmmm, now you want something in return for your own bad decision.. hmmmm.. you dont want to pay subs anymore, but you still want the perks of a sub.. hmmmm..

well the answer is simple, you should have subbed a long time ago

2, you should get a lts which would alleviate half your argument.

the current long time lts people have more claim to complain. i sympathize for you man, but its your own doing, you knew from the get go that lts gets perks, and subscribers get the shaft. so yeah there it is.. i know it sucks, but thats how it is...

however, i think they should offer a lts to peeps for 100 bucks who have paid for say 3/4's or more of the games up time... i think that would be a good compramise.