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10-09-2012, 09:56 PM
No. Making the lowest of the low borg ships deal out 1-shot kills is NOT acceptable. Making something insanely stupidly hard is NOT fun. Repeat: NOT fun.

Further Branflakes says no code change so this is all a pre-existing fubar bug that's been there already. Perhaps the server just generates an insanely powerful instance. It has happened repeatedly before, especially with cluster exploration (more like cluster f---... er... uh... messups) where the NPC are super hard to kill, kill you and your boff or away team instantly, and can't be defeated unless you're lucky as sin.

If this is that same old bug it's been around for a long long time and has NEVER shown up in STFs that I have ever seen.

I will not relax when such game-breaking "features" are in place. There's far too many yes-men in this community, never doubting, or ever questioning, anything in this game no matter how insane.