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10-09-2012, 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
Whoa, I just read the front page blog, I can't say I like the idea that new lifetime subs will get all the current veteran rewards. It demeans the nature of veteran rewards. Veteran Rewards were something special, something that long time players could really benefit from, but now everyone can get them with new lifetime subs? I don't like that, it makes the veteran rewards less unique and meaningful. It dumbs it down.

Pretty soon everyone's gonna have all the same rewards at Gold/Lifetime/Long-Time Players, and there will be no differences between long-time players and new players. Perhaps that is their goal, to meld the two? But as a long-time player, who is past 900 days, been playing since open beta, and who bought the lifetime in year 1 of this game, I feel like you are taking uniqueness away from me. Making my 3 years of playing, less meaningful. We should be rewarded for our time in this game, and just giving it away to new lifetime subs takes that away from those of us that have been in this game for several years.
My bad, i thought your accomplishments IN the game were more meaningful than rewards awarded simply for having subscribed to a game earlyer than other people.

For all we know, some people bought Lifetime sub at launch, played maybe 2-3 months and only came back recently to see what is new. Now tell me, how is that an accomplishment deserving any special reward?

But i agree that the concept of Veteran reward should disapear and instead be renamed Perks for Longtime Investment