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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
The vet rewards being handed out like candy... let me quote myself:

First, the metaphor.

STO is a building with 1000 flights of stairs. At the bottom is the game launch. The vets buy their subscriptions, and go up the stairs. They loyally continue up, paying along to way and keep going. They get rewarded for staying on. And finally, at the very top floor, they finish. They are handed the final reward for climbing the whole 1000 floors. And then the elevator door on the far side of the room opens and a whole bunch of people who paid a quick fee at the bottom pick up all the prizes the other people earned. And the real vets are left with nothing for their loyalty and perseverence.

Next thing you know PWE's going to just knock over the building and kill STO altogether.

And now, just a disturbing mental picture.

PWE stands at a desk collecting $200 per person and hands out the rewards of the loyal customers, while laughing at the 1000-day vets. She then detatches her jaw and swallows a puppy whole.

People are over thinking this. Why have the LTS players not been given the rewards until now? BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T FREAKING EXIST!!! What they did today has been a request from Lifers since launch, but the 1,000 day reward didn't exist until now.

So I'm not at all surprised they did what they did.
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