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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Yet you list the New Orleans class as a kitbash, despite the fact ...

It was build FROM a USS Enterprise-D model kit with customs parts, no use from other model kits (there is no Su-27 in there).

If you mention it as a kitbash but the Nebula not then you are flip-floping, their studio model history is almost the same.
You should actually be using this link:
The term "kit-bash" is a behind-the-scenes term used to describe a ship or a station created by the production staff from already existing parts of other ship, and station studio models, and/or additional model kits (not necessarily Star Trek-related). Kit-bashing has been a common method for creating filming models in the science fiction genre, such as in the movie Alien, where they served as the hero models. In Star Trek, however, kit-bash models served primarily as (deep) background elements, the method lending itself for quick and cheap assembly when additional elements were required in a very short time.
So if you want the view the Miranda and such as a Kitbash, who am I to stop you. After all I said it was my opinion a few posts ago.