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10-10-2012, 12:20 AM
The Veteran Ship Token only unlocks the B'Rel Retrofit and the Kar'Fi. Why not the Varanus and Marauder? Because they're BG/MG ships, not LG ships.

As for which is good for a Tactical class, I'd personally say the Kar'Fi. The B'Rel's all-Uni slots would be a great build, but it's fragile and it only has 6 weapon slots.

On the other side, the Kar'Fi has one more weapon slot, much better hull, and 2 hanger bays (I'd recommend the Adv. Fer'Jai Frigates from the Dil Store... their Chroniton and Tricobolt torpedoes are beasts ). And it's Boff layout is quite good for Tac and Sci abilities, even if Eng is a little weak.

It turns slow, but it's a Carrier, so yeah. And it comes with the Phase Shift console, which grants you stealth, and makes you literally untargetable for 10 secs. A nice little ability imo.
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