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Originally Posted by tali9999 View Post
Maybe you would prefer to see your Vet Rewards remain the old way.

Then probably no one would buy a Lifetime sub at this point.

But! You would be very special and unique with your Veteran ship. Only a very few of you are at 1000 days most likely.

You would enjoy your uniqueness, bragging rights and be showing off to everyone around until...

STO shuts down next month.

So... If selling Vet Rewards and goodies or anything can keep the game going so you can also enjoy your new stuff, why blame Cryptic for doing anything they can to get people to put money in this game?

Because in the end, anything that can keep the game going is worth doing, even selling Vet Rewards if need be. They will just rename the whole thing and move on from here. They need money, and everything is on the table and opened to modification. Like they say, Gameplay Experience May Change.

Vet Reward concept is an old school concept that is not very compatible with FTP MMOs. Even old City of Heroes got rid of it when it gone FTP.

Vet Rewards were not making much sense anymore and were not worth continuing because the more time passes, Devs end creating goodies that will be usable by always less and less players that manage to reach the far end. It is counter-productive. Well, nowadays it is viewed like that.
Yeah, but the thing is...Veteran Rewards... not many people are actually going to pay $300, or even $200 for LTS. Adding Veteran Rewards won't make it more appetizing to pay that much money for.

As it stands, it's a money-grab that's not going to get them what they want... all it's doing is pissing off many old-time subscribers (Gold and Lifer), pleasing a VERY SMALL group of late-lifers, and if they're lucky, getting a FEW people to buy new LTS.

It's not going to be too effective...
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