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10-10-2012, 12:10 AM
Originally Posted by intrinsical View Post
The way I see it Lifers are like me, people who love Star Trek and can see themselves spending years a game set in the Trek universe. If you really want to hate me for getting 1000-day rewards without having played 1000 days, I'm alright with it as it does not influence my love for all things Trek.
That is a very enlightened POV .

However, I do have to question what are you doing in a Star Trek universe without adopting the good values Star Trek enshrines.
The "good values" that Trek enshrines also include busting your butt at SF academy , and a slooooooooooow climb up the ranks .

This move by Cryptic is akin to the JJ style "from cadet-to-captain , meet the New Captain Kirk !" .
Getting shoved out an air-lock and running away from an arctic monster does not qualify you to captaincy . Neither does pounding Spock's fist with your face .
JJ Kirk is no more Veteran than the next guy/gal who have $200 to burn .