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Originally Posted by alarikun View Post
But regardless, the big idea, IMO, is that Veteran Rewards should not be something you can dish out cash to get immediately. They're something you patiently wait for, having paid for, until you've been subscribed the proper amount of time.

PWE has ruined that concept.
It amazes me how ludicrous it sounds when people cry fowl because in essence they desire folks to wait in line, for "PERKS," out of all things. As I stated before that these perks should be given off the bat, It is akin to buying a collector's edition Plus.

The concept of "Vet rewards" is best removed all together; If anything, the Vet Rewards should just be in "TITLE" only. Much like accolades for accomplishments.

Why does it matter if you get it now or later? In the end you'll attain it. Thing is, its an ego thing going around stating "Look at my shiny Toy." I deserve it first because I played STO since day one, no other need apply.

I am happy that new Lifers get all the virtual perks right off the bat - I say again, play the game, enjoy STO, make friends, and continue to support STO

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