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10-10-2012, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by alarikun View Post
Yeah, but the thing is...Veteran Rewards... not many people are actually going to pay $300, or even $200 for LTS. Adding Veteran Rewards won't make it more appetizing to pay that much money for.

As it stands, it's a money-grab that's not going to get them what they want... all it's doing is pissing off many old-time subscribers (Gold and Lifer), pleasing a VERY SMALL group of late-lifers, and if they're lucky, getting a FEW people to buy new LTS.

It's not going to be too effective...
Actually, i believe alot of Gold subscibers will do like me and jump on the LFT opportunity because it is REALLY a WIN WIN situation this time.

Without yesterday advertisement, i would have kept my monthly Gold sub going just as usual because i was not seeing any good reason to pay upfront for Months of Subs.

Look. 2 days ago, if i decided to buy a Lifetime Sub, i would have get almost NOTHING. Nothing fast enough anyway to enjoy in a timely manner. Who wants to buy a Lifetime subscription in an old game where you would still have to wait 700 days before grabbing the coolest reward?

Today, it IS different. Yes, you pay upfront the value of 13 months of subscription but you DO get all the good stuff right here and there! Let me tell you that ALOT of Gold subbers are thinking fast right now and doing maths.

If you like STO and plan to play it for at least one more year, buying a Lifetime sub today is REALLY a clever move.