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10-10-2012, 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
It amazes me how ludicrous it sounds when people cry fowl because in essence they desire folks to wait in line, for "PERKS," out of all things.
That is absolutely what some of us expect .
It is also about saying that I've played nice . I've waited . I did my dues . I supported Cryptic . I got promoted slowly .
Yet you have no problem with someone else essentially buying that same promotion .
You know ... , I wish STO didn't mirror RL this much .

Thing is, its an ego thing going around stating "Look at my shiny Toy." I deserve it first because I played STO since day one, no other need apply.
Who said no other need apply ?
I don't see anyone in the forums saying : don't pay your dues .
But I guess they should ... ,'cause why pay your dues when you can buy them , right ?

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