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# 1 Shield Power Changes
10-10-2012, 12:27 AM
So it seems EPtS, RSP, and ExS will all be sharing a CD.

Seeing as I use the first to on my tanking builds I'm in the process of reworking builds. We know complaining will do nothing so I'm not here to do that. I'm curious how others are adapting to this change?

Considering Aux SIF on my tacts who fly a JHAS and the Temporal Destroyer as a replacement to RSP. Which should work out fine..

I'm not sure what to do on my tanking ships as they've already got Aux SIF III. As such my tanking ships also have ExS.

Right now my D'kora has

Eng CMDR: EPtS, Extend Shields, RSP, AUX SIF III
Eng Lt.: EPtS, Aux Damp.

The new change affects this ship the most, any ideas?
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