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10-10-2012, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
That is absolutely what some of us expect .
It is also about saying that I've played nice . I've waited . I did my dues . I supported Cryptic . I got promoted slowly .
Yet you have no problem with someone else essentially buying that same promotion .
You know ... , I wish STO didn't mirror RL this much .

Who said no other need apply ?
I don't see anyone in the forums saying : don't pay your dues .
But I guess they should ... ,'cause why pay your dues when you can buy them , right ?

Veteran Rewards are a FAIL concept which most new and even old MMOs are slowly retiring from.

1 ) As MMOs gets older, the path to the highest Reward gets ridiculously far away and often potential subscribers will even wonder if the game still be there for them to achieve it.

2 ) Players tend to expect always better and better perk/reward as they achieve higher milestones. The problem is that most often, there is only a handful of really dedicated players left that will actually grab the highest reward. So devs waste lot of time and energy to devise great stuff that only a few selected people will get to enjoy? Bad business practice right there.

3 ) Some unique Titles or Accolades for very old players can make sense since they are cheap dev resource investment and i woudl not be surprised if that would be somewhat preserved in a way or another.

4 ) At this point, for Cryptic to convince people to jump into a Lifetime subscription, they really needed to "sweeten the pot" and getting rid of an archaic old school model at the same time is a very clever move from them imho.

That is my own humble opinion.