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10-10-2012, 12:44 AM
Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
Even if PWE cuts off their cup supply like Atari apparently did, it won't kill the game. The only thing that's likely to kill the game is CBS getting persnickety with the license, or PWE deciding the resources here would be better used elsewhere, which isn't likely to happen since...

(a) it's cheap to keep an MMO going sans-development, and hard not to turn some kind of profit there, thus it's always somewhat worthwhile to do as opposed to simply shutting down.

(b) Champions Online isn't spectacularly more successful than STO, so there's really no sign that Cryptic as an entity can pull off something spectacularly more successful, and thus more worthy of the involved resources. Nor does it make sense to divert resources there.

(c) they're currently running another MMO and developing a third. Realistically it would always make more sense to shift labor and run this in maintenance mode than shutter any doors. Don't need a lot of cups where there's a minimum of people. And should the game pick up when, say, the new Trek movie comes out? They shift people back.

(d) Champions Online seems to be doing worse business than STO, and seems to have been doing worse business than STO all along, and yet it's still up and running, even without $25 ships (yet) or lottery boxes that are anywhere near as abusive.

Nah, CoX was a whole 'nother ballgame. That was an executive decision at NCSoft to refocus on other products using other types of revenue streams which are (or at least were at the time) showing a greater success rate. There's no such avenue here. PWE has nothing more successful at Cryptic to focus those resources into. Cryptic has two launched products, both very similar in framework and this one is more successful. NW isn't out the door yet, and is still built on the same foundation... so no bright and shining option there either.

What, you think they want to double down on Champions, despite it doing worse? Or that they'll shutter Cryptic as a whole after spending what they did to acquire them? Their shareholders would feed them their own butts...
Interesting comment. I respect your point of view. I still believe getting rid of an archaic Vet Reward model is a good move thought. More to gain than to lose for Cryptic imho.