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10-10-2012, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by tali9999 View Post
Actually, i believe alot of Gold subscibers will do like me and jump on the LFT opportunity because it is REALLY a WIN WIN situation this time.
Really ?

Without yesterday advertisement, i would have kept my monthly Gold sub going just as usual because i was not seeing any good reason to pay upfront for Months of Subs.
So you would have given them more money in the long run ?

Let me tell you that ALOT of Gold subbers are thinking fast right now and doing maths.
And how do those maths work out as a Win/Win ?

There were folks who subbed close to 1000 days and they gave Cryptic $800+ , just by their sub .
Now Cryptic is selling the same "game time / experience" for $200-300 .

Sure it might be worth it for the player , but is it worth it to Cryptic ?
Not to mention , how many subbers are thinking : "well now I don't have to pay any more !" .
Do you know how wrong that is (unless you treat STO like a second job) ?

So in the end you're telling the players to "support Cryptic" , but on the other hand you're pro-LTS (which takes away a lot of money from Cryptic on the long run , because subs make Cryptic more money on the long run) .

So which is it ?

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