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06-21-2009, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Davies82 View Post
Liked the new screen shots up, the one of the badlands looks very familiar. Think i saw a similar picture that Mr Zinc put up on his twitter pic account a few months back, with a Dev next to his screen with just a nebula type background, no Cardassian ship or planet was in there, and i thought it did kinda look like the badlands then, so here we see it up in full glory.

Wounder what sort of Alien the Cardassians were fireing at in one of the pictures?

Really liked the new pictures, nice to see a bit of ground combat too.

Kepp them coming.

P.S are these PC screen shots or Console? and with the screen shots so far, will there be a similar look for the console version do you think?
species 8472 is the awesome alien in the awesome-r armour being shot at by the "to be deceased".