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Aler acht'jar is a Klingon folk song; and as lore keepers (those who write and tell stories) it seems fitting for a Role Playing group.

I'll start it out and will try to get it created in game as soon as possible.

There is still a VERY small number of moderate/heavy RP interest within the KDF faction so do not expect a large fleet.

We will be a role playing group for all levels beginners/moderate/advanced) and frequency (light/moderate/heavy).

I will start a storyline up, but others with story telling experience please start writing up scenes to share. (It isn't fun always being the story teller).

We will be looking at using private PvP missions for storybuilding content (so, you can use Fed or KDF during PvPs) once we become established we will look for allied fleets to PvP with.

I'd also like to create groups of 3 to 5 players to run through the missions as a team. The stories are fun, but playing as a regular group would be a blast.

There aren't many KDF players who are moderate/heavy RPers and that is fine. We will not be seeking to have a Tier 5 starbase, nor will we be expecting massive donations for projects.

Our focus will be on having fun and not working towards the next project.

All KDF species are allowed, the only requirement is that you want to have fun and be part of a group that prefers socializing (NOT DATING/MATING/OR HARRASSMENT)

This will be a casual group for any age

This will be a group which respects others and will be willing to help those less experienced in whatever game aspect you prefer.

Just because we are primarily a roleplaying group doesn't mean we won't participate in PvEs, PvPs, STFs. You should always follow that which makes you happy and not what others want you to do.

If interested PM me or drop a friend invite in game.

To other fleets which also have a certain level of RP in their groups. Please drop me a line and we'll coordinate stories if interested.