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10-10-2012, 02:17 AM
shield resistance slashes incoming damage, you take a fraction of what is shot at you. the hitpoints are also 1/4 of hull, so all your heals fill a much larger % of them. and torps deal 1/4 damage to shields, before any other resistance is applied.

hull? well crank resistance on it past 40%, before using abilities, and your build is pretty compromised, at least your eng consoles are. and torps just love dealing full damage to it

but hey, now you can have 2 copies of AtS and have full resistance up time, AtS1 is like having an extra blue mkXI nutronium wile its on.cryptic is attempting to lessen shield tanking and buff hull tanking by doing this, and the PH, HE at the same time change.

but all they did was make RSP basically unusable, and make you carry 2 extends or else you cant have full EPtS up time. its a disastrous change, and it shows the system team doesn't know the game well enough to attempt any balance passes, they are unqualified.
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